Building Project Update

With the exception of a few small details, the construction at Hillsdale First United Methodist Church is complete! On Sunday, January 20, we celebrated with a building re-dedication during the 11:00 worship service with free breakfast.

Our heritage, our turn, god's tomorrow

In October 2013, Hillsdale First United Methodist Church began a study of the current and future needs of our church building. During the study, it became clear that within our buildings (built in 1865 and the addition built in 1958) are numerous stairs and obstacles that prevent easy and secure access for older folks and anyone with mobility issues. Observing these areas during various church activities makes it clear that numerous current members, visitors and groups who use our church are unable to comfortably and safely have access to the entire building. Our Heritage, Our Turn, God's Tomorrow capital campaign seeks to ensure that our building and all it's ministries in the name of Christ, offer complete access for all.

At the November 2016 Church Conference approval was given to the Building Committee to move forward to develop plans to install an elevator that services all four levels of our building by locating it next to the stairs leading down from the narthex. Since the elevator will require space currently taken up by some restrooms on three levels, these facilities as well as some storage areas will need to be modified or relocated and updated. Over the past year it has also become known that our heating boilers are failing, with one of the three boilers already out and the other two on borrowed time. Though initially unexpected, it seems responsible to address this very basic need now. The new boilers will continue servicing the entire building, but the old and inefficient hot air blowers for the sanctuary and music room will be replaced.

The plan

The project has three main components - an elevator, restrooms, and heating system. These updates are connected to one another, and once they are completed they will allow the church building to be more accessible to all.

The Elevator


• Installing an elevator with doors on two sides in the only location to reach all levels of the building: office, sanctuary, pre-school/youth room and fellowship hall/kitchen.


Relocation of Restrooms (due to space needed for elevator)


Reconfiguring narthex restroom for ADA compliance and elevator narthex entry access

Relocating and updating bathrooms on the upper (office) level

Relocating and updating bathrooms on the pre-school/youth room level

Providing a new ADA compliant family restroom directly off the Fellowship Hall


Replace and Upgrade Heating System


Replacing the three old boilers with a new, modern, efficient one

Replacing old air-handlers for sanctuary and music room with modern efficient units taking up less space and providing a new storage area

what can I do?

Everyone can pray for the project. If you would like to get involved by pledging or donating to the project, please contact the church office.